How to Choose your Gaming Flat Screen Monitor?

What are the reasons to choose a gaming monitor ?
Certainly, there are many reasons but i will give here the top five reasons to choose a gaming monitor:Here are the top five reasons to choose a gaming monitor:

     1- Improved Gaming Performance: Gaming monitors are optimized for speed with features like high refresh rates and low response times. This results in smoother and more responsive gameplay, giving you a competitive edge.

We can evaluate the impact of gaming performance improvements by:

  • The Frames Per Second (FPS): FPS or Refresh rate is  essential for gaming and virtual reality. Higher FPS generally lets the game run more smoothly.                       For more information to test your monitor read my article “How to test Monitor’s Refresh Rate”
  • Graphics Settings and Resolutions: The screen resolution always depends on the video card hardware and monitor in use. Higher resolutions and increased graphics settings often result in more demand. 

  Recommended screen resolutions:

Monitor size

Recommended resolution (in pixels)

20-inch standard ratio monitor

                      1600 × 1200

20- 22-inch widescreen monitors

                      1680 × 1050

24-inch widescreen monitor

                      1920 × 1200

27-inch 4K monitor 

                      2560 × 1440

32-inch screen: (UHD 4K) monitor

                      3840 × 2160


     2– Reduced Input Lag: Gaming monitors minimize input lag, ensuring that your actions are reflected on-screen almost instantly. This instantaneous response is crucial for precise control in fast-paced games.

     3- Adaptive Sync Technology: Many gaming monitors support adaptive sync technologies like G-Sync and FreeSync, which eliminate screen tearing and stuttering, providing a tear-free and seamless gaming experience.

     4- Enhanced Visual Quality: Gaming monitors often offer higher resolutions and better color accuracy, making games look more detailed and vibrant. This improved visual quality can enhance your immersion in the gaming world.

      5- Specialized Gaming Features: Gaming monitors often come with features like customizable RGB lighting, gaming modes, and crosshairs, allowing you to tailor the monitor to your gaming preferences and style for a more personalized experience.

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